Research Forum Clusters Strategizing in Networks

Where and when 
Stadsarkiv meeting room
Skolegade 2B
December 11th
9.30 – 12.30

Theme 1:
Clusters are regional specializations that are known for offering externalities such as increased innovation, productivity and competitiveness. But what are clusters and how are they developed? These questions will be addressed and the idea of a design cluster in the Region of Southern Denmark will be challenged. Is there a cluster or is it more a loosely coupled network of actors?

Theme 2:
Strategizing in clusters and networksClusters are often formalized networks with triple helix or quadruple helix partners (private companies, public authorities, knowledge institutions and citizens). To analyse such networks and clusters we have developed a tool: the relationship map. At the seminar we will introduce this tool and together with you make some reflections on the connection between applied theories – e.g. tools like this – and our research. The potential design cluster in the region will be used as a case for the relationship mapping.

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