Research Forum Scandinavian Design Management

Where and when
SDU Kolding
Engstien 1
Lokale 1.20
kl. 9.30 – 12.30
Mette Dalby & Poul Rind Christensen

Leadership (management) and design (strategic design, design thinking) are such broad terms that make it difficult to reach a common ground. In this design research forum we want to involve the participants in a co-creation process, with the goal to pinpoint the different images people relate to design leadership. This session aims at making the participants more aware of the many interpretations of the term and at discussing the ambiguity this can cause.
We are proposing the following questions:

  • Are the many ambiguities productive for research?
  • Do the different ways of understanding leadership and design have roots in cultural differences?
  • What do the different ways of understanding of design leadership mean in practice?
  • How can research of design leadership contribute to a bigger understanding also of the more functional/operational side of design leadership?

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