Theories and Practices of Aesthetics in Design

Paradoxically, the aesthetics of design is only little described and theorized; it is a paradox, as the concept of aesthetics is integrated in the common discourse on design and often set in relation to design, both in practice and in theoretical discourse, while at the same time what is meant by ‘aesthetics’ is rarely clarified. However, recent approaches have attempted to get nearer to a description of the aesthetics in design. In 2013, philosopher Jane Forsey published the “first full treatment of the aesthetics of design” (from the back cover of the book) under the title The Aesthetics of Design (Oxford UP, 2013), thus providing a framework for describing the aesthetics of design.

At the same time, SDU design researcher Mads Nygaard Folkmann has published the book The Aesthetics of Imagination in Design (MIT Press, 2013), also, but not in the same extension as Forsey’s book, dealing with aesthetics in design. So, something is going on in the business of theorizing and discussing aesthetics in design! The purpose of the seminar is to present and discuss the recent interest in the aesthetics of design, to bring forward the frameworks of dealing with it, and discuss it in the relation between theory and practice.

The seminar takes place:

Thursday, April 10, 2014,
Kolding School of Design


10.00-11.00:  Keynote lecture by Jane Forsey: “The Aesthetics of Design”
11.00-11.15:  Discussion
11.15-12.00:  Lecture by Mads Nygaard Folkmann: “How is Design Aesthetic?”
12.00-12.15:  Discussion
12.15-13.15:  Lunch
13.15-16.00: Research seminar on design and aesthetics with participation of Danish design researchers giving short presentations