The Aesthetics of Sustainability

The Aesthetics of Sustainability

Kolding, Monday May 26th 2014

Sustainability is often treated as a technical and/or ethical concern within design. However there has recently been a growing interest in the role of aesthetics in connection to sustainable design and consumption. In this seminar we address this question from two different perspectives. Professor Jonathan Chapman, University of Brighton addresses the issue from the point of view of object culture, focusing on what he has termed the ‘emotional durability’ of design objects . Design researcher and strategic design consultant Francois Jegou addresses the question from the point of view of social innovation working with scenarios for sustainable lifestyles. By bringing these two perspectives together we aim to encourage a reflection on the role of aesthetics in sustainable design spanning the field of products, consumption and social contexts.
The Seminar is arranged by SDU Design and part of the Design Culture Seminar series arranged by SDU Kolding in collaboration with professor Guy Julier, University of Brighton/Victoria and Albert Museum.

Keynote speakers

Francois Jegou: Director of the Brussel-based design research company Strategic Design Scenarios, Co-ordinator of DESIS Europe (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability)

Jonathan Chapman: Professor of Sustainable Design, University of Brighton, School of Art, Design and Media.

For more information follow the link below: Some Reflections on the Total Beauty of a Sustainable Design Culture event