Research Forum PhD Projects on the Edge

Where and when 
SDU Kolding
Universitetsparken 1
Gæstecaféen (61.01)
08 Oct
09.30 – 12.30

SDU DESIGN engages researchers from three different faculties. We have invited seven PhD students who – in different ways and with different methods – work with themes that go beyond a single discipline. They will each briefly present their research and burning questions, and we will discuss what it means to do a PhD ‘on the edge’.

Agnese Caglio: Between design and social interaction: making sense of unfamiliar things, in familiar contexts.

Winie EversUsing workshops with relational B2B partners to co-create business model change.

Frederik GottliebInnovative relations: New meaning emerging in a local context.

Mette Strømgaard DalbyDesign Management in practice – bridging and facilitating design from thinking to doing.

Bo MortensenSelling with design tools.

Hanne Bjerre Cowling: Security technologies in a value- based design perspective.

Ida Lildholdt Jacobsen: Between design and software: analysing the GUI.

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