Research Forum Research in Teaching

Where and when 
SDU Kolding
Universitetsparken 1
Gæstecaféen (61.01)
29 October
10.00 – 12.30

SDU Kolding has just opened its new campus building. As an outsider, one might wonder what kind of teaching is carried out in a university context such as SDU Kolding. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that many probably consider university teaching as principally lecture, auditorium or classroom based. But what of those who are part of the research, teaching or administrative community in the university? What is your idea of how teaching is carried out at SDU Kolding?
The fact is that how teaching, learning and related research is carried out at SDU Kolding is quite varied. Yes, there is of course lecture and class oriented teaching, but there are also a number of other initiatives that engage students and faculty in exploring alternative ways of doing teaching, learning and research.

The accepted notion of university teaching is that it is research based. But what then is education based research, theatre oriented teaching or having students learn as co-researchers? One might also ask what we as researchers and teachers expect of our teaching? Is it just to pass on knowledge to the students or can one consider teaching more as a means of introducing students and research faculty to methods and processes that enable them to explore and do inquiry for something other than the acquisition of knowledge and facts? That in fact one can devise ways and means of engaging students in their learning so they are able to work with indeterminate questions and dilemmas for which there are no fixed answers, so called wicked problems. That through innovative teaching and research practice one can educate students to then engage and change public and private practice once they have graduated.

How is university teaching and learning informed? Does our understanding stem primarily from research of and in educational environments or can one use people’s natural ways of learning “out there,” in and with the world of lived practice as a resource to inform university teaching?
Can we maybe shift the notion of university education and its related teaching practice from a focus on individual knowledge acquisition to learning as a relational engagement with others that prepares students to become the practitioners of tomorrow? That equips them to become professional practitioners regardless as to whether they are to become involved in private or public working life as skilled practitioner or researcher.

This SDU Design Research Forum seminar invites you to hear some of the various approaches to research in teaching at SDU Kolding and to engage in a discussion as to how we can generate a vision for the future that embraces teaching research, experiment and practice across the campus rather than as isolated initiatives.

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Nina Dohn, Preben Friis, Chris Heape and Louise Buch Løgstrup