Approaches to Video Analysis

The current study builds on a previous project exploring different approaches to Video Analysis. This project, started to investigate different modes of participation in design workshops, evolved into a study on how to analyse video data, employing objects, toys and materials.

In the autumn 2013 , we started the collaboration with CROWN, interested in seeing how tangible analysis might help them exploring the practice of truck driving. With the involvement of the IT Product Design Master Students, we explored different ways to analyse – through objects- how drivers build their skills, and focused themes such as spatial organisation, social coordination and temporal organization of activities.

The project was concluded with a workshop in January 2014 with design representative of CROWN Equipment Corporation, where analysis sessions with different tools were employed to brainstorm new design directions. In the first part of the workshop we employed two main ways to look at the data: through the “Action Scrabble” (a tool facilitating the analysis of the different activities related to truck driving, from driver’s actions to machine actions) and through the use of Scale Models, where the activities of the different drivers were re-enacted in real time. This last tool was employed to try to explore how drivers coordinate their actions and movements with each other. The workshop concluded with two design sessions, where participants – based on what was observed in the analysis – used props to imagine modifications to existing trucks, and sketched new ideas and improvements to allow drivers a steeper learning curve for driving.

The Tangible Video Analysis project was conducted by Jacob Buur, Marie Rosa Beuthel and Agnese Caglio.