Seed Project Outcome Business kills Creativity

“Out of the seed project “Design in the Textile and Fashion Industry” a cross-disciplinary research project on entrepreneurs in the creative (fashion) industry emerged.

“Business kills Creativity – or Creativity kills Business”

Summary Traditionally, entrepreneurial companies (SME’s) often run into the dilemma of how to ensure growth while still being creative, innovative and entrepreneurial at heart. This schism can also be interpreted as the dilemma of survival or growth, i.e. choosing to stay a micro-firm and turning it into a lifestyle of pursuing your creative desires, at the ‘cost’ of growth and a solid bottom-line in the black. Our research interest thus orients to mapping the worldview and challenges of such an entrepreneur using KUNZ as a pilot project. For this purpose we draw on (at least) four distinct research fields, i.e. entrepreneurial theories, innovation management theories, discourse analysis and micro-analytic studies.

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