Research Forum How do we develop our teaching And strengthen our research

Where and when
SDU Kolding
Universitetsparken 1
13 May 2015
10.00 – 13.00

Many new initiatives are emerging in relation to learning and teaching at SDU Kolding, which raises a number of questions:

  • How can we encourage students to become better learners?
  • How can we avoid students leaving?
  • How can we bring our research with the world around us into play with our teaching?
  • How can we teach large groups of students with a focus on active learning?
  • How can we develop project based teaching in the current space available?
  • How to integrate research with teaching? What are the options?
  • A worthy successor to the Week 43 Camp? Could this be an opportunity to develop initiatives across our silos?

The meeting will start with short, yet sharp presentations and from there we will actively involve those present.

Chris Heape: Studio based teaching without studios
Jacob Buur: Teaching based research
Nina Dohn: Activating students, why and how?
Rocio Chontay: Learning programming
Line Revsbæk: Processes of learning when teaching 200 at a time
Jesper Piihl: A Head of Studies’ perspective on practice based/research based challenges in teaching
Per Krogh: Managing institutes – the emerging teaching challenges

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