Internationally renowned material conference in Kolding

Internationally renowned material conference in Kolding

Kolding Design school and the University of Southern Denmark are the hosts for the internationally renowned EKSIG conference. This year on the 25.-26. of November the theme of the conference will be ’Tangible Means – Experimental Knowledge through Materials’.

5. October 2015
EKSIG is held every years, but this is the first time that EKSIG takes place outside of Great Britain, and it is a great honour that Kolding as chosen this year. The conference is a so called ’special interest group’ in the Design Research Society – one of the highest ranking networks within design research. Three renowned keynote speakers will talk at the conference and present their knowledge about material.

Carole Collet is Professor of Design for Sustainable Futures and Director of the Design & Living Systems Lab at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, UK. She has dedicated her career to develop a new vision for design, and pioneered the discipline of Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins fifteen years ago. She is now a full time Professor and her current research work is focused on biodesign, biofacturing and high-tech sustainability. In her keynote she will map out the current landscape of biodesign and examine the rise of this new bio-materiality and its implication on design research.

Lene Tanggaard is Professor of Psychology in the Department of Communication and Psychology at the University of Aalborg, Denmark, where she serves as co-director of The International Centre for the Cultural Psychology of Creativity (ICCPC), and co-director of the Center for Qualitative Studies. She has published several books and papers in the field of creativity and learning. Recent publications include Tanggaard, L. & Stadil, C. (2014). Showering with Picasso – how to spark your creativity and imagination. London: LIU Publishing. This keynote takes its point of departure in an investigation of the potentials of looking at creativity from a socio-material analytical point of view – that creativity is a lot more social than we would expect.

Elvin Karana is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) at Delft University of Technology (DUT), The Netherlands. She undertook her PhD research at DUT, where she developed a ‘Meaning Driven Materials Selection Tool’ to support designers in their materials selection activities. She will introduce a method we have recently developed to facilitate ‘designing for material experiences’ when a particular material is the point of departure in the design process.
EKSIG conference takes place 25.-26. November 2015.

In short ”Bringing together researchers and practitioners from various disciplinary backgrounds, fields of knowledge production and methodological approaches engender challenging multi vocal debates around these themes and facilitate exchange and cross fertilisation between the creative disciplines and other practice-led disciplines.” EKSIG-conference 2015.

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